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Ralph Nader on Energy and Policy

By on 29 Dec 2010 in Other with 3 Comments
Ralph Nader on Energy and Policy

Ralph Nader: Thank you very much Jim and ASPO for this invitation and my condolences to Mr. Simmons. I want to cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time because that’s all we have. So, if I don’t qualify a lot of things, rest assured, if you want to ask, I’ll […]

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Predictions for 2011

By on 27 Dec 2010 in commentary with 15 Comments

Everyone in the Peak Oil Community knows the danger of making predictions. Trying to call the future is a challenging project. But ASPO-USA and Peak Oil Review have combined to pull together predictions about what we can expect in 2011 from a wide range of thinkers, writers, scholars and experts, who graciously agreed to risk being wrong so that you can have the inside scoop!

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Review December 27, 2010

By on 27 Dec 2010 in Peak Oil Review with 1 Comment

Download Full PDF Peak Oil Review 1. Oil and the Global Economy During a holiday-shortened trading week in NY, oil traded as high as $91.63 a barrel before closing Thursday at $91.51. Cold weather, Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, Chinese demand and expectations of a US economic recovery continue to be the main factors driving the […]

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John Felmy, Chief API economist

By on 20 Dec 2010 in quotes with 0 Comments

“Fuel demand continues to strengthen, a positive sign for the economy.”

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Review December 20, 2010

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Download Full PDF 1. Oil and the Global Economy There has been very little movement in oil prices for the last two weeks. Since climbing from the low $80s in late November, oil has traded between $87-89 a barrel, closing on Friday at $88.02. In London, Brent crude continues to trade about $4 a barrel […]

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Will 2011 be a rerun of 2008?

By on 20 Dec 2010 in commentary with 0 Comments
Will 2011 be a rerun of 2008?

We all remember the oil price run-up (and run back down) of 2008. Now, with prices similar to where they were in the fall of 2007, the question quite naturally arises as to whether we are headed for another similar scenario.

Of course, we know that the scenario cannot really be the same. World economies are now much weaker than in late 2007. Several countries are having problems with debt, even with oil at its current price. If the oil price rises by $20 or $30 or $40 barrel, we can be pretty sure that those countries will be in much worse financial condition. And while governments have learned to deal with collapsing banks, citizens have a “been there, done that” attitude. They may not be as willing to bail out banks that seem to be contributing to the problems of the day.

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Anonymous oil trading executive

By on 13 Dec 2010 in quotes with 0 Comments

“The mistake is to read the market from London or New York; where there is a temptation to assume that the weakness of the local economies is the global reality. The reality however is that growth in China, India, Brazil or the Middle East is very strong.”

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Review December 13, 2010

By on 13 Dec 2010 in Peak Oil Review with 0 Comments

Download Full PDF 1. Oil and the Global Economy Oil traded between $88-89 a barrel for most of last week with a quick excursion to a two-year high of $90.76 on Tuesday and a dip on Friday to close at $87.79. As has become usual in recent weeks, the state of China’s economy and the […]

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Energy Advisor Cameron-Hanover

By on 6 Dec 2010 in quotes with 0 Comments

“Oil seems to have everything going for it.”

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Reaping Whirlwinds: Peak Oil and Climate Change in the New Political Climate – By Sharon Astyk

By on 6 Dec 2010 in commentary with 6 Comments

Political prognostication is a dangerous game, but one of the certainties of the latest election was that the US will not be enacting any significant federal climate legislation. One could be forgiven for wondering what the election has to do with anything. In the two years previously during which the Democrats controlled Presidency, House and Senate, the US had failed also to enact any climate legislation, but we have moved from the faintest possible hope to none at all.

If inaction is certain on climate change, it may be that all is not entirely hopeless if we reframe the terms to addressing our carbon problem. Peak-oil activism could accomplish many of the goals of climate activists. Unlike climate change, peak oil doesn’t carry the ideological associations with the left that climate change does. Could peak oil provide a framing narrative for political action to address both climate change and peak oil? Certainly, a great deal would have to happen in order to accomplish this. But peak oil is a sufficiently powerful and pressing issue that its profile could be raised, particularly if current climate activists were willing to change their focus from the means of achieving consensus on climate change to the end of achieving emissions reductions.

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Review December 6, 2010

By on 6 Dec 2010 in Peak Oil Review with 1 Comment

Download Full PDF 1. Oil and the Global Economy Oil prices have had a spectacular two weeks. After trading for a week around $81 a barrel, prices climbed steadily to close just below $90 on Friday, the highest since the great oil price spike of 2008. In London, Brent crude continued to do even better, […]

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Dr. James Schlesinger: The Peak Oil Debate is Over

By on 1 Dec 2010 in Other with 1 Comment Dr. Schlesinger “Thank you very much. Between us, I cannot emulate the erudition that was displayed at the last session. But I am delighted to be here nonetheless and I hope you share that. May I start with a bromide: a resource which is finite is not inexhaustible. If you think that over, it […]

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