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Peak Oil Review – May 28, 2012

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Download Full PDF 1. Oil and the Global Economy Oil prices continued their month-long fall last week, just below $91 a barrel in NY and $106 in London. With few developments in the Iran confrontation or the EU debt crisis last week the markets fell on general concerns about Greece departing the Eurozone and weak […]

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Webinar Series Off to Strong Start

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ASPO-USA kicked off its new webinar series with two information-rich offerings in April, and more webinars on critical topics scheduled for May and June. More than 200 people participated “live” in the webinar series in its inaugural month, with many more ASPO-USA members viewing video recordings of the webinars at a later time. Early feedback suggests that both webinars thus far have been well-received

[For more details or to register for upcoming webinars, please visit the ASPO-USA Webinar Series webpage].

These webinars are already proving to be an effective way to harness the knowledge and experience of ASPO-USA’s vast network of experts. They are intended to complement other ASPO-USA information and education resources, such as our annual conference. The relative ease and convenience with which these webinars can be organized, however, provides a good opportunity to address specific issues and questions with detail and depth. A typical 90-minute session allows for extended discussion among presenters and participants.

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Working Groups To Harness Brain Power of ASPO-USA Network

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True to its name, ASPO-USA’s strength lies in its “association” and the collective brain power of its members, affiliates, and partners.  Over its seven-year history, including seven annual conferences, ASPO-USA has developed a vast network of leading experts that contribute to ASPO-USA’s work in multiple ways-from providing strategic counsel and technical input to creating specific […]

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