Peak oil pioneer Matt Simmons continues to inspire our work

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA (ASPO-USA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping America understand and adapt to changing realities regarding the cost, demand, and supply of oil.

Founded in 2005 as a network of scientists, researchers, analysts, and other energy observers, ASPO-USA has grown to comprise a wide range of professionals, civic leaders, and concerned citizens.  ASPO-USA maintains a core focus on technical oil and gas issues, but also examines their broader economic, national security, and environmental consequences, and spurs positive action to build a more secure, prosperous, and sustainable future.

ASPO-USA is the U.S. affiliate of ASPO International which has associated organizations in more than 20 countries.  ASPO-USA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Promoting Understanding and Truth in Energy through Critical Discourse

ASPO-USA serves as a forum where diverse perspectives from different disciplines can be aired and examined.  ASPO-USA does not take official positions on specific issues, rather it encourages rigorous discourse and debate among contrasting views so that people can make their own judgments.  The premise of ASPO-USA’s work, however, is that oil depletion and its implications are serious matters that must be confronted in a serious and urgent manner.

Harnessing the Knowledge of Our Expert Network

ASPO-USA’s core strength and value lies in its network of experts, members, and partners.  ASPO-USA works to leverage the extensive knowledge and experience contained within this network to advance its mission.   The ASPO-USA network is especially strong in these areas of expertise:

Oil and Gas Industry Analysis
Petroleum Geology and Engineering
Geophysical and Biophysical Science
Renewable Energy
Food and Agriculture
National Security and Geopolitics

Raising Awareness, Spurring Positive Action

While serving as an information and educational resource to specific audiences, ASPO-USA also works to elevate public attention and spur positive action.  While ASPO-USA does not endorse specific technologies or measures, our work emphasizes two fundamental themes:

Unleashing Innovation

Adapting to an oil-constrained world is about doing more with less oil. The issue cannot be
“solved” by a few measures or technological “fixes.” Adaptation will involve innovation in all parts of the economy and nearly every aspect of modern life—from new business
models and economic frameworks to designing new systems for transportation, food, housing, education, public health, and other basic needs.

ASPO-USA promotes efforts to “unleash” the power of innovation and American ingenuity to accelerate a transition to a low-petroleum economy.  Lower oil use reduces America’s vulnerability to rising oil costs and the risks of an oil crisis.  Oil is a finite and uniquely precious natural resource that needs to be conserved for future generations.

Investing in Tomorrow

Building a bridge to a more secure and durable future will take time and resources.  Fossil energy sources will continue to be important for many years, however, in a world of diminishing oil supplies, it only makes sense to invest today’s resources in building a world that is equipped for and oil-constrained future.

A key goal of ASPO-USA is to explore and advance ways to harness today’s relative oil and gas wealth to build tomorrow’s sustainable energy systems.

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