Photo: Matt Simmons, King Hubbert
From left:  Matt Simmons, King Hubbert

Matthew R. Simmons – M. King Hubbert Award

 – for Excellence in Energy Education

Renaming and Dedication of the Matthew R. Simmons – M. King Hubbert Award – remarks delivered at the 2011 ASPO-USA Conference, November 4, 2011, Washington DC.

Matt Simmons was not just a Peak Oil pioneer, and we have added his name to this award not just because he was a great friend to ASPO-USA.  We honor Matt with this award because, since our very beginnings, he has been a driving inspiration.  Indeed, Matt is the embodiment of the leadership, values, and, most importantly, the humanity that we, as individuals and as an organization, aspire to uphold.

When Matt passed before his time last year, the space he left, for us and his loving family, cannot and will never be filled. We miss him dearly and always will.  However, we can pledge ourselves to the work and pursuit of truth and the public good to which Matt dedicated himself.  We can continue to draw inspiration from his tenacious spirit, his strong character, his deep warmth, and his infinite love of life.

We hereby dedicate that henceforth the  M. King Hubbert Award shall be known as the Matthew R. Simmons – M. King Hubbert Award.


  • Charles A.S. Hall – professor, School of Environmental Science & Forestry, State University of New York/li>


  • Jean LaHerrere – Geologist-Geophysicist; Co-founder, ASPO International


  • Colin Campbell – Founder and Honorary Chairman, ASPO International
  • Steve Andrews – Co-founder, ASPO-USA
  • Tom Whipple – Former CIA Analyst; Editor, Peak Oil News and Peak Oil Review
  • Arthur Berman – Principal, Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.



  • Kyle Saunders – representing The Oil Drum
  • Julian Darley – Founder, Post Carbon Institute


  • Charles T. Maxwell – Senior Energy Analyst, Weeden & Co.; Renowned Oil & Gas Expert
  • Henry Groppe – Partner, Groppe, Long & Littell;  Eminent Oil Industry Analyst


  • Rep. Roscoe Bartlett – U.S. Congressman; Outspoken Peak Oil and Energy Security Champion
  • Richard Heinberg – Prolific Author and Speaker on Peak Oil and Related Topics


  • Dr. Albert Bartlett – Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder; Renowned Lecturer on the Limits of Growth and Large-scale Energy Problems
  • Dr. Walter Youngquist – Notable Geologist; Author, Geodestinies
  • Matthew R. Simmons – Chair, Simmons & Co. International; Investment Banker, Author, Speaker
  • L.F. “Buzz” Ivanhoe – Geophysicist



Tom Whipple

Thomas S. Whipple Award – for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership


  • Jim Baldauf – Co-Founder and President Emeritus, Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas USA


  • Jeff Rubin – Former Chief Economist, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC); Notable Author and Speaker


  • Daniel Davis – Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
  • Greg Geyer and Terrachord



  • John Theobald – Professor, University of California, Davis
  • Rick Block – Former Treasurer and Board Member, ASPO-USA; Retired Financial Advisor and Business Owner
  • Tom Whipple – Creator and Chief Editor, Peak Oil News and Peak Oil Review


The Roscoe G. Bartlett Award – for Outstanding Leadership in Public Policy


  • Terry Backer – Connecticut State Representative
  • Debbie Cook – Mayor, Huntington Beach, California; 2008 Candidate for US Congress



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