Accelerating Innovation

Adapting to an oil-constrained world is about doing more with less oil. The issue cannot be “solved” by a few measures or a technological “fix.” Adaptation will involve innovation in all parts of the economy and nearly every aspect of modern life—from new business models and economic frameworks to designing new systems for transportation, food, housing, education, public health, and other basic needs.

ASPO-USA promotes efforts to “unleash” the power of innovation and American ingenuity to accelerate the transition to a low-petroleum economy.

Investing in Tomorrow

Building a bridge to a more secure and durable future will take time and resources, and fossil energy sources will continue to be important for many years. In a world of diminishing oil supplies, however, it only makes sense to invest today’s resources in building the facilities, infrastructure, and facilities that we will need for tomorrow.

A key goal of ASPO-USA’s action agenda is to explore and advance ways to not just burn oil and gas resources for present uses, but invest them for the benefit of future generations.