Megan Quinn Bachman has written and lectured for seven years on solutions to global climate change and peaking oil production. She has organized six national conferences on peak oil and climate change, spoken before nearly 100 groups, published articles in Permaculture Activist, CommunitiesMagazine, WellBeing and Kindred and appeared in Harper’s Magazine and on MSNBC. Bachman co-wrote and co-produced the award-winning documentary film, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (2006),which has been translated into seven foreign languages with more than 13,000 copies sold worldwide. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and a Master of Science in Environmental Education from Wright State University in Dayton. She is a reporter and photographer for the weekly Yellow Springs News in Southwest Ohio, a columnist for the Ohio-based environmental newspaper EcoWatch Journal and former outreach director for the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions, a Yellow Springs nonprofit. She teaches courses on sustainable agriculture and global ecology at Antioch University Midwest.

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