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The State of Nuclear Power Plants

By on 14 Aug 2017 in quotes

[After two nuclear plants in South Carolina were cancelled:] “We continue to believe that the problem with new nuclear (small modular units excepted) power plants is not that they generate electricity with nuclear fission. The difficulty is economic. The nuclear units are expensive, base load generating units in a world where production of electricity is becoming less expensive and increasingly decentralized. Base load power plants (and especially nuclear ones) are, in general, must-run, inflexible price takers. Going forward there will be less need for those facilities regardless of how they are fueled. Furthermore, the builder of a nuclear plant must bet an enormous sum on the need for electricity a decade hence, when the plant is completed. Given the uncertainty in power demand and prices, that is a gamble uncompensated in the regulatory process.

By Leonard Hyman and William Tilles for

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  1. Craig says:

    Management of nuclear waste will require huge amounts of gasoline. When we are down the peak oil slope, it will be impossible for nations to protect their environment from nuclear waste because the oil is gone. There will be a domino effect. Image many nuclear waste facilities all leaking at the same time.