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About the Book

With approximately 200 full-color charts, diagrams and photos, the books illustrates key concepts of oil reserve evaluation for practitioners and the public.  Using stories and examples from the world’s major oil regions, the book provides an authoritative assessment of the state of world energy affairs.

Highlights include:

  • Insights on Saudi Arabia and that country’s ability to meet future production needs
  • Production profiles for many of the world’s key producing countries and fields
  • A review of increasing economic and security problems associated with oil imports
  • Recommendations on mitigating the current energy malaise

About the Author

  • 2 years as chief petroleum engineer for ARAMCO, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia
  • 21 years with Exxon
  • 32 years as an independent petroleum consultant
  • Author of award-winning IPPA report on U.S. oil import vulnerability

Lou’s experience includes 50+ years in production research, reservoir engineering, and operations management.  After 19 years working primarily in Texas for Exxon, Lou spent 2 years (1977 to 1979) in Saudi Arabia as ARAMCO’s chief petroleum engineer. Lou has mechanical engineering degrees from two OSU’s– Oklahoma State University (BS 1957) and Ohio State (MS 1958).

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