“Our moment in history is rather special. It is dangerous to assume that we’ll gracefully handle problems at this scale, because such assumptions amount to dismissals and concomitant inaction… It bothers me that we don’t have a plan. It scares me that we (collectively) don’t think we even need a plan. Faith in the market to solve the problem represents a high-stakes gamble. We can and should do better.”

Tom Murphy

One thought on “Tom Murphy”

  1. I’m gratified and relieved to read that you’re putting issues of energy – or what I would suggest we more specifically name manufactured commodity energy (MCE) to distinguish it from the natural forms that are part & parcel of life itself – that you’re putting them front & center in your teaching, and seemingly as well in your lives. I’ve done this for over 30 years now as a homesteader, stonemason, writer and member of a small, tight rural community, and even here I’ve felt the loneliness I think you mentioned.

    The times are so fraught, as Tom Murphy says above this box, and it’s so crazy to put our faith in systems and technologies that are born of the same thinking that got us into this extremity. (Thinking like “We’re clever.” “We’re lord & master of Earth.” “Put a little more resources into it and we’ll solve it.” ) I long for thinking like “Omigod, this time the whole planet’s in trouble… Time to rethink our relationship with it.”

    I’ll try with my dial-up connection to retrieve the proceedings of your last conference. Hope the latest one went great! Should mention, I just discovered your website.

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