“I am directing the Department of Interior to conduct annual lease sales in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, while respecting sensitive areas, and to speed up the evaluation of oil and gas resources in the mid and south Atlantic.”

One thought on “US President Barack Obama”

  1. To paraphrase the President:

    “I am directing the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Defense to freeze scrapping of stored serviceable railway equipment, assist with expanded rail hardware production, in hand with restrictions on exports of heavy steel scrap.

    The responsible parties having railway infrastructure in their purview shall evaluate dormant and abandoned rail corridor for rebuild program as Guarantor of Societal & Commercial Cohesion as oil imports become more expensive/problematic. The Department of Defense shall immediately recommission Railroad Operating and Maintenance Battalions, Rail Logistics units as needed to implement prioritization and rebuild of dormant railway branch lines located with significant agricultural product movement.

    Main line railways shall install container handling facilities enroute main lines appropriate to enable railway connectivity closer to suburbs and smaller towns. American Short Line Regional Railroad Association shall have in-office copies of US Railway Map Atlas Volumes for information to County Planning Bureaus and transportation agencies.

    These actions are to be in progress prior to announcement: Federal Executive Emergency Orders for motor fuel allocation.”

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