Washington DC – ASPO-USA conducted a news conference today on the steps of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) headquarters to express deep concerns about the reliability of projections for future oil and gas supplies by DOE and the Energy Information Administration.  Representatives of ASPO-USA, delivered comments and presented a letter to DOE Secretary Steven Chu which outlines these concerns and asks for answers to seven specific questions.  The letter also urges DOE to initiate and lead the development a National Oil Emergency Response Plan.  A staff member from the Office of the Secretary was on hand to receive the letter.

Please see information included in the media packet below for more details.

ASPO-USA Executive Director, Jan Mueller, speaks during a 10-26 news conference outside the US Department of Energy. Also pictured (left to right): ASPO-USA Board President, Jim Baldauf; Editor of ASPO-USA's "Peak Oil Review", Tom Whipple; Co-author of "The Impending World Energy Mess", Dr. Robert L. Hirsch; ASPO-USA Board Member, Arthur E. Berman.
ASPO-USA Executive Director Jan Mueller speaks during an October 26 news conference outside the U.S. Department of Energy. Also pictured (left to right): Jim Baldauf, ASPO-USA Board President; Tom Whipple, Editor, ASPO-USA's "Peak Oil Review"; Dr. Robert Hirsch, Co-author, "The Impending World Energy Mess"; Art Berman, ASPO-USA Board Member.

ASPO-USA News Release 10/26/11 [pdf]

ASPO-USA Letter to Secretary Chu 10/26/11 [pdf]

ASPO-USA Chart: 7-Year Plateau [pdf]

ASPO-USA Chart: Global Net Exports [pdf]

ASPO-USA Individual Statements – Truth in Energy [pdf]

ASPO-USA Media Advisory 10/24/11 [pdf]




4 thoughts on “ASPO-USA Convenes News Conference at DOE, Presents Letter Calling for "Truth in Energy"”

  1. I Totally agree to the comments by everyone at ASPO about the facts and the stalling in Congress and the various politically involved government agencies. Unfortunately the Agencies have to respond to the loudest and most influential voices!! The result is the general public will be held at large when negative things begin to happen.
    i think it is also necessary to point out to thew USDOE that solutions do exist to ameliorate the impending crisis without having to invent new technologies. We only have to motivate the correct technologies without favoring a specific company.
    An example of an existing technology is the Plug-In Hybrid such as the Chevrolet Volt and the upcoming Toyota Prius PHEV and the Ford EMAX PHEV. The objective of these cars is to displace gasoline with electricity. We already have the movement of the smart meter going into many parts of the country. So by proper incentives and guidelines we can orchestrate to shift from fossil fuel to electricity in a seamless and no sacrifice manner. Then we need to greatly increase our production of renewable electricity to offset the use of coal. Germany and other European countries have set an example in Renewable energy use. We are years behind. These efforts must increase dramatically.

    These are all existing technologies that need to be incentivised to begin the reduction of the use of fossil fuel. thus No new technologies are needed to make dramatic impact on how we transition off of fossil fuel. We have to provide direction to our fossil supply companies as well since they are the wealthiest and most influential of our constituents. The suggestion is simply to turn their current product into synthetic commodities such as durable and recyclable plastic materials for everything from houses, automobiles and industry. These recyclable materials can replace planet destroying wood products for example and even Aluminum and Steel.

    I think your letter should include some positive suggestions as well as pointing out the obvious negatives which will be attacked by the special interests! By providing the public with the knowledge that immediate solutions are possible it will provide the direction and incentives needed by the DOE to provide more correct and unbiased information!!

    I hope this message can be forwarded to Steven Chu Since he and I were recently honored as the UC Berkeley Alumni of the year.

    Thank you

    Prof Andrew A. Frank

    Prof Andy Frank

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