“How much longer can the world pretend that it won’t soon be facing another energy shock, one every bit as challenging as the one it faced two years ago? Whether we are talking about supply or demand, there is nothing on the horizon to prevent the imminent return of the very same oil prices that put us into the deepest postwar recession yet in the first place.”

One thought on “Jeffrey Rubin, consulting economist, author and commentator”

  1. I am sorry to say that the next energy shock is going to be like no other because we are not going to recover from this one. I think everyone who writes these articles tries not to sound too frightening. I think it is human nature to be afraid of the end.

    But watch the video by Dr. Bartlett, “Arithmetic, Population, and Energy,” then you will begin to think seriously about the end of life, at least as we have lived it since the end of WWII.

    It’s about overpopulation, which is the root of all evils. It won’t be solved voluntarily. Mother Nature will solve this problem, like it has done with every other overpopulated species.

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