President Obama is expected to deliver a speech on oil and energy issues on April 20, the anniversary of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill.  ASPO-USA is co-sponsoring a petition urging President Obama to use this opportunity to talk frankly about the peak oil energy challenge-acknowledging the increasing costs and risks of our oil dependence, and the prospect of a peak and decline in world oil production in the face of rising global demand.

Many factors apparently contributed to the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil platform that led to the 5-million barrel, months-long crude oil blowout.  However, the incident served to highlight that oil producers increasingly need to drill in less-accessible, higher-cost areas as production from U.S. onshore areas and other less-challenging sources continues to decline.

Please sign and help circulate the petition.  Thanks!

One thought on “Tell President Obama to Address Peak Oil—Sign the Petition”

  1. Peak Oil means the end of economic growth. So-called “energy independence” is nothing but a cruel political hoax. Time to tell the truth Mr. President. We can have a capitalist government or we can have a democracy government. Time to choose before you are forced to start WW III for the remaining natural resources available on the planet.

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