ROCKLAND, Maine — Matt Simmons, Chairman of ASPO-USA’s Advisory Board, died Sunday night at his home in North Haven Island, near Rockland, Maine.

The founder of Houston-based Simmons & Co. International, Matt wrote the 2005 book “Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy,” addressing  concerns about Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves and the impending peak of worldwide crude oil production.

Simmons also founded The Ocean Energy Institute, a think tank and venture capital fund in Rockland to promote offshore wind energy research and development.

The institute is a part of the consortium led by the University of Maine, which aims to design and test floating deep-water wind turbine platforms.

“Matt Simmons was an innovative thinker who pushed ideas that have the potential to yield a more environmentally and economically sustainable future for Maine and the world,” said Maine Gov. John Baldacci, who attended the opening of the institute’s headquarters last month.

Matt was an unstinting supporter of ASPO-USA and an outspoken energy reform advocate. He wrote and spoke fearlessly to warn us about the dangers of status-quo energy policy.

It is impossible to define Matt by any single aspect of his wide ranging interests or any one period of his life and work.  He was a husband and father, an investment banker, an author, and a friend and visionary who lent his name and energy to the organization and evolution of ASPO-USA.  He will be missed by us all.

7 thoughts on “Matt Simmons, global energy expert, dies at 67”

  1. What a sad coincidence. The first thing to read on his website, after just having discovered it, is the anouncement of Matt’s passing.
    But I knew his name and his ideas, even his face. They pop up everywhere: in articles, amoung praises for books, in documentaries. Although I have not yet read any of his books, I came to know him as a reliable reference point, a beacon, a lighthouse.
    So I want to pay my respects to this great man, for having warned me to switch to another life style, which I am now planning and preparing for. And I want to send my condolances to his family and loved ones, to wish them strength and comfort.

  2. Matt was a great man of vision and compassion lead by his convictions that we can and should do something better with our world and lives.

    He did and will be missed.

  3. My prayers go out to Matt’s family. Though I may have disagreed with parts of his outlook on energy issues, his support of alternative energy was admirable.

    May the peace and love of God be with his family in this time of sorrow for losing a loved one.


  4. Mr. Simmon’s was a great mentor to me, and how I view so many things. He will be sorely missed. To his family, be comforted that your husband and father meant so much to so many. May God’s grace be with you.

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