In January 2006, ASPO-USA began offering a free publication that provides time-short individuals with a quick overview of issues and events relating to peak oil.

The Peak Oil Review is intended to be an “executive summary” of weekly news.  It will typically contain three parts: a set of current developments, a page of news briefs, and a commentary written by either an ASPO-USA regular or a guest analyst.  The news summaries highlight price trends, depletion numbers, threats to supply, new supply completions, substitute fuel issues, new analysis and reports, and more–all from a peak-oil perspective.

The Peak Oil Review is circulated via email to all who would like to subscribe.

Please note that ASPO-USA and this publication are strictly non-partisan.  Indeed, mitigating the looming story of depleting petroleum resources will require intelligent bipartisan action by elected officials as well as the private sector.

The editors and publishers of this Review are motivated by the expectation that world-wide production of petroleum liquids is likely to peak between now and 2015.  The facts convince us that current trends aren’t sustainable.  We hope that those who can initiate change, especially at the community level and higher, will do so armed with a broad awareness of key trends.  The Peak Oil Review intends to contribute to that awareness.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Whipple, Editor
ASPO-USA Volunteer

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