On Monday, Beijing announced that it will unveil a plan to develop new energy sources, including wind, solar, nuclear, and “clean coal” by the end of the year. The announcement came just as the UN Secretary General warned of a dire future for the world unless it moves quickly to deal with climate change.

Meanwhile, China, which has surpassed the US as the largest producer of household garbage and is running out of landfill space, has embarked on a “vast program” to build incinerators. With minimal attention to the pollution they will create, these incinerators likely will offset any progress the Chinese will make in switching to renewables for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “China's New Energy Plan”

  1. “… these incinerators likely will offset any progress the Chinese will make in switching to renewables for the foreseeable future…”

    Offset what progress? – Already the largest coal user they recently announced they will increase coal production by 30% during the next six years. Realistically what choice do they have? They have this quite rational argument that a chinese produces less CO2 per person than do those hounding them for a Copenhagan commitment. I don’t think there is any way the rest of the world can reduce CO2 emissions even to the extent of the Chinese increases.

  2. The dollar has lost 13% of its value since March! Ouch! I may have to reconsider waiting to buy a giant screen TV. I hope noone really believes that the communist rulers of China put climate change concerns, or anything else, like human rights, ahead of staying in power. Trust me, they will issue everyone there oxygen tanks before risking a peasant revolt caused by mass unemployment from fuel shortages. There is no rule of law inside China. A recent article detailed how a student was beaten to death by thugs hired by a school principal after complaining about the bribes necessary to stay in school. Riots are common and often deadly. The Communist Party propaganda machine, possibly aided by US public relations experts, is excellent. Ever notice how you rarely see the word “communist” with China in the media now? The communist rulers of China are investing in wind and solar because they need all the energy they can get. As far as incineration, you get some very nasty stuff from incinerating plastic and batteries, unless you use very expensive technology and spend a lot of money to maintain it. It will be interesting to see what happens after peak oil, when all the countries with long term contracts to supply China with oil, realize that it is in their national interest to hold on to their oil, rather than honor those contracts. If you owned a limited supply of an irreplaceable resource that was running out and everyone needed, wouldn’t you try to slow down the outflow as the price went up faster and faster? Unless the Chinese army was next door, I would sell as little oil as possible and hope that I would own the last barrel on Earth. The Chinese didn’t just arrest those Australian Rio Tinto executives for nothing. The message is already being sent as to how business will be conducted. What will most of these oil exporting countries do to maintain their standard of living once their oil is gone? And in case you are wondering, I don’t hate Chinese people. The most beautiful woman I ever saw was Chinese. I just like human rights and freedom. That is why everyone, not just a few thousand intellectuals, should care about peak oil. Because peak oil is the greatest threat to liberty that humanity will face during the coming decades. But I’ve preached enough. It’s time for a hot dog. After peak oil, I sure hope the beef ones are still around. Then again, grass grows really fast here in Louisiana for eight months of the year. I mean to feed cattle, not for cellulosic ethanol. I’ll pass on the tofu.

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